Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta Health Office has issued a policy of banning the transport of livestock from regions that reported anthrax outbreaks.

"We ensure that livestock entering Jakarta is from regions that are free from anthrax cases," the office's head of surveillance and immunization, Ngabila Salama, stated here on Monday.

Salama noted that her side also worked along with the Jakarta Food Security, Maritime Affairs, and Fisheries (KPKP) Office in ensuring anthrax-free livestock in Jakarta.

She underscored the need to isolate livestock that had contracted anthrax to curb disease transmission.

Livestock cages need to be disinfected from the Bacillus anthracis bacteria that causes anthrax, she stressed.

Salama advised residents, who find sick or dead animals, to immediately report to the local KPKP work unit.

Clinical symptoms of anthrax include a fever of 41-42 degrees Celsius, animals feeling anxious and weak, shaky thighs, no appetite, seizures, and collapsing.

Moreover, symptoms include oral, anal, or nasal bleeding with maroon and smelly blood and swelling in the neck, chest, genital, and waistline areas.

"Livestock infected with anthrax are prohibited from being slaughtered to prevent transmission to other animals and humans. Vaccination of animals that have risks of anthrax can prevent transmission," she remarked.

Acting Head of the Jakarta Health Office Ani Ruspitawati stated that no anthrax cases had yet been recorded in Jakarta.

The disease can attack cows, lambs, goats, horses, and pigs.

Recently, 87 people in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, were infected with anthrax, resulting in one death.

The Health Ministry's Director General of Disease Prevention and Control Imran Pambudi stated that anthrax cases in Yogyakarta occur almost every year.

The province had recorded 31 cases in 2019 and 23 cases in 2022, with no cases of fatality.

"In 2023, three cases of death from anthrax were reported in Indonesia, with one suspect, while two others could not be examined because they had already died," he said.

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