Malang, East Java (ANTARA) - Local language teachers are at the forefront in maintaining culture and growing the students' character, East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa noted in her statement here on Tuesday.

"Language teachers do not only transfer knowledge but also play a role in imparting the right outlook and values," Parawansa noted during the 2023 East Java Senior High School Local Language Teachers competency activity on Monday evening (July 11).

According to the governor, local language teachers must teach their students about local wisdom and values amid the developments in digital technology that have brought in foreign influences that erode them.

Parawansa said today's technology has made the younger generation less impolite to those who come before them.

Hence, teachers have a role to strengthen the students' character, such as in the form of politeness and manners.

"Such as how to talk to the older or younger people," she remarked.

Parawansa believes morals are the core of any science. The degree in science will degrade without good morals, she emphasized.

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According to the governor, the subject of local languages can teach about social norms and values, including national values.

Parawansa highlighted that politeness is embedded in culture and can be expressed through culture and language learning.

The governor emphasized that communication between teachers and students should be two-way, though politeness must remain.

She also urged schools in East Java to dedicate a day to wearing traditional attire and only speaking the local language in order to maintain their existence.

"Let us understand our culture products, including manners and politeness that represent East Java," she affirmed.

Head of the East Java Education Office Aries Agung Paewai stated that this activity for local language teachers aimed at training them about the professional method to teach manners, social values, and good attitude to students.

Paewai called for the need for teachers to be creative in teaching students, as they are the local cultural promotors in schools.

"We hope students would apply local socio-cultural values that have been eroded by foreign culture," he remarked.

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