Jakarta (ANTARA) - Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas stated that President Joko Widodo had instructed him to streamline the governance system in order to be beneficial for people.

"During my appointment as the PAN-RB minister, Mr President urged me to find a way to run an impactful bureaucracy," Anas remarked in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The minister delivered the statement at the Workshop on Optimization of the Implementation and Target Achievements of National Public Service Complaint Management System-The People's Online Complaint and Aspiration Service (SP4N-LAPOR) during the 2020-2024 period.

Minister Anas underscored the importance of an impactful bureaucracy while urging the workshop participants to make the most of the information provided at the workshop, so they can optimally implement it.

"Hopefully, ladies and gentlemen here will not merely attend this meeting (workshop) but also be able to improve our bureaucratic quality," he noted.

In his speech, Anas also reminisced about his term as the head of Banyuwangi District, saying that he always urged those in his rankings to provide him with the summary of meeting results, so he could formulate new policies for the sake of the district's development.

The minister affirmed that he is still applying the same method at his ministry, as he believes that an impactful bureaucracy needs to be ensured in order to optimize the work and activities of civil servants.

"Therefore, I would like to encourage all colleagues across Indonesia, including those participating virtually, to take notes of the briefing received here and report to your superiors," he pointed out.

Anas also pushed for a more swift bureaucratic process in order to provide vast benefits to the people, including by maintaining and optimizing the SP4N-LAPOR application.

"Through his directives, Mr President is pushing us all to hold only impactful and beneficial meetings, which in turn, are expected to help us run an impactful bureaucracy," he added.

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Translator: Narda Margaretha, Tegar Nurfitra
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