Biak (ANTARA) - The Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (PDTT) Ministry has urged the village apparatus in Papua Province to run a better governance, including by ensuring transparent Village Fund management.

"Village apparatus must have the capability of managing the Village Fund in an appropriate, accountable, transparent, structured, and systematic manner," the ministry's Director of Rural Areas Economic Development Lutfi Latif Said noted in Biak on Monday.

The director elaborated that good management is of the essence in a bid to make the most of the Village Fund to boost villages' competitiveness.

He also emphasized that such a management will, in turn, help village governments formulate a clearer direction and goals to be achieved.

"Village governments must also be able to stipulate directions and have clear indicators in assessing Village Fund management performance within their administrations," he noted.

Latif then expressed hope that the Papua Government-initiated village apparatus capacity-building activities will result in a boost in the villages' competitiveness and governance quality.

"We (the ministry) would like to appreciate the Papua Government's initiative to hold village apparatus capacity-building activities," he remarked.

Meanwhile, Yan Piet Rawar, Papua's Functional Associate Analyst, stated that the activities are aimed at providing village apparatus with comprehensive information on running a professional and accountable village financial management.

"The Papua Government, through its Office of Village Community and Native Papuans Empowerment, is investing great efforts to succeed village apparatus' capacity-building activities in Biak Numfor District," Rawar remarked while opening the capacity-building activities in the Saereri traditional region, centered in Biak.

The statement was made on behalf of Papua caretaker Governor Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun.

Deputy Head of Biak Numfor District Calvin Mansnembra expressed optimism that the activities would help village officials become more professional in managing the Village Fund for the sake of the people's welfare.

The activities are being held on July 17-19, with the participation of 100 representatives of village apparatus from the districts of Biak Numfor, Supiori, Yapen, and Waropen.

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Translator: Muhsidin, Tegar Nurfitra
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