Jakarta (ANTARA) - Internal Medicine Specialist from Airlangga University Dr Decsa Medika Hertanto stated that consuming foods high in calcium can prevent joint disease.

Through a statement received on Thursday, Hertanto noted that as an effort to prevent joint disease, people need to maintain a high intake of calcium and protein, such as fish and milk, as well as meet their vitamin D needs, abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol, and not consume excess caffeine.

"In addition, active sports, such as jogging and lifting weights, can prevent joint disease and muscle aches," Hertanto remarked.

Regular exercise is considered to increase muscle mass and reduce the risk of fractures by 40 percent.

The myth that develops in society indicates that joint disease generally occurs due to aging.

In fact, joint disease can also occur due to a lack of consumption of foods that are high in calcium or it can also be due to consuming too many foods containing purines.

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Hertanto also noted that consuming goat's milk can help to overcome joint pain and muscle aches.

"We can choose goat's milk to treat joint pain and muscle aches because goat's milk has higher calcium content than cow's milk," he stated.

Research also shows that goat's milk can improve the body's ability to absorb important nutrients from other foods.

Meanwhile, cow's milk can hinder the absorption of key minerals, such as iron and copper, when consumed in the same food.

Recently, the Healthline also stated that another reason for some people choosing goat's milk over cow's milk is related to digestibility.

All types of animal milk contain some lactose, or natural milk sugar, which some people are unable to digest as they age.

However, goat's milk contains slightly lower level of lactose than cow's milk, or about 12 percent less per cup.

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