Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection encourages mothers to become empowered women to fulfill their children's rights and create happy families.

"Empowered women will definitely have a (positive) impact on children. Children's rights to health and education can be fulfilled," said Rini Handayani, the ministry's Acting Deputy for the Fulfillment of Children's Rights, on Thursday.

Empowered women and mothers will have the knowledge of good parenting that would support the realization of prosperous families.

Handayani said that empowered mothers will have the insights and skills to provide proper parenting and contribute to the family’s economy.

She said that President Joko Widodo has instructed the ministry to increase women's entrepreneurship through gender perspective programs, one of which is the Women Friendly and Child Caring Village (DRPPA) program.

The DRPPA program is expected to serve as a model of development based on the fulfillment of women's and children's rights in a real and integrated manner at the village government level.

"Working mothers do not mean that they neglect parenting. Women's entrepreneurship with a gender perspective supports good parenting skills in mothers," Handayani said.

Meanwhile, pediatrician Yuni Astria said that a happy family is a family that consistently meets the basic needs of children's growth and development.

She said that the realization of optimal children's development cannot be separated from the role of mothers.

Great mothers give birth to great generations, Astria said, adding that optimal children's growth and development include building children's sensory, motor, and cognitive skills, spiritual health, and leadership skills.

Children need to receive praise and support in their daily activities, including in tasks that require complex thinking, she added.

She said parents also need to meet children's essential needs, such as food, clothing, home, and complete immunization.

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