Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Teten Masduki, is exploring the potential for cooperation in fishery product processing with Japan after visiting Japan's largest fishing company, Marusen Suisan.

"We are exploring the possibility of technological collaboration to improve the quality and variety of processed seafood products, such as seafood sauces and pickled fish," he said in a statement received on Tuesday.

According to Masduki, captured fisheries production in Indonesia grew by 2.23 percent for marine fisheries and 2.71 percent for inland waters in 2020.

Additionally, he informed that the export value and volume of Indonesian fishery products in 2022 reached US$6.24 billion and 1.22 million tons, respectively.

"This partnership can generate mutual benefits, utilizing each other's expertise, and create innovative and market-friendly products," the minister remarked.

He further stated that the purpose of his working visit was to expand the trade information network for fishery commodities.

According to him, sharing market insights and trade data can increase Indonesia's understanding of consumer preferences and demand patterns, leading to more strategic trade decisions and growth potential in the fisheries sector.

Besides Marusen Suisan, Masduki also visited Nagasaka Unagi Farm, one of the largest eel farms in Japan.

He said that Indonesia can also take a role in cooperating with Japan regarding eel commodities since Banyuwangi and Cilacap districts are known as eel production centers with large production capacities.

Although the demand for eels in foreign markets is still significant, reaching around 300 thousand tons per year, Indonesia has not been able to fully meet the demand, Masduki pointed out.

"As a major export destination for fishery products, especially eels, Japan is a country with good opportunities for us to strengthen cooperation," he added.

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