Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry affirmed that the National Fish Logistics System (SLIN) is capable of facilitating continuous supply of high-quality shrimp at stable prices, thereby supporting growth of the shrimp industry.

"SLIN, which is currently being pursued by the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, is expected to be able to support supply of high-quality shrimp continuously, at a stable price, and also promoting growth of the shrimp industry," director general of maritime and fisheries products competitiveness at the ministry Budi Sulistyo stated according to a statement received here on Friday.

It is expected that the system, which is relevant to the supply chain from the upstream to downstream, could make everything go effectively and efficiently, he remarked.

Sulistyo noted that shrimp is the main export commodity of national fisheries products. Sulistyo said that according to his administration's records, during the period from January to April 2023, shrimp exports had reached US$567 million, thereby contributing to 32.5 percent of the total national fisheries exports.

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"Shrimp export in main markets, such as the United States, Japan, China, the ASEAN, the European Union, and other potential markets, really needs to be improved," he pointed out.

Hence, effective shrimp distribution requires a plan supported by stakeholders and a good transportation system, one of which is through SLIN that is capable of ensuring the quality of safety of fisheries products.

"Effective distribution of shrimp require a plan supported by all stakeholders by (establishing a) good transportation system," Sulistyo affirmed.

Director for logistics at the directorate general of maritime and fisheries products competitiveness at the ministry Berny A. Subki drew attention to some measures deemed necessary to support domestic distribution and export of shrimps from South Sulawesi, among which include the improvement of load consolidation by meeting the supply of fisheries products for export to eastern Indonesia.

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