The Russian-Ukrainian war implies that defense and security of the country must be interpreted as a holistic and multidimensional concept
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Speaker of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), Bambang Soesatyo, stated that the war between Russia and Ukraine showed that national defense and security must be interpreted as a holistic and multidimensional concept.

Soesatyo made the statement at the 2023 MPR Annual Session and the 2023 Joint Session of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) and Regional Representative Council (DPD) in Jakarta on Wednesday.

"The Russian-Ukrainian war implies that defense and security of the country must be interpreted as a holistic and multidimensional concept," he stated.

The MPR speaker noted that first, Indonesia, as a sovereign country, must have strong and professional military capability supported by the spirit of cooperation of all elements of the nation.

According to Soesatyo, this was also mandated by a high-ranking Indonesian military officer during the Indonesian national revolution, General Sudirman.

"Our army is a people's army that will be strong if it lives and works together with the people," Soesatyo quoted.

Second, he reminded that state defense and security also include an economic dimension. With its abundant resources, Indonesia should be able to build economic resilience and independence supported by food, energy, and industrial sovereignty.

"Third, as part of the global community, Indonesia needs to enhance its free and active foreign policy role, get along closely with all nations, without needing to side with one of them," Soesatyo remarked.

The MPR held the 2023 Annual Session in commemoration of Indonesia's 78th Independence Day that falls on August 17. The Annual Session took place at the Plenary Meeting Room of the Nusantara Building in a parliament complex in Jakarta.

The main agenda of the Annual Session begins with an introductory speech by the Chairman of the MPR. This will then be followed by the president's speech regarding performance reports on state institutions and a state speech for the 78th Anniversary of Indonesia.

Security monitoring around the parliament complex has been tightened with several National Police (Polri) and Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) personnel on standby at numerous points at the building entrance.

Some access points or entrances to the parliament complex are also equipped with metal detectors.

Meanwhile, tactical vehicles, such as armored vehicles, barracudas, water cannons, and ambulances from the Central Army Hospital (RSPAD), have also been alerted.

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Translator: Narda Margaretha S, Resinta S
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