Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Government has pushed for effective regulations to regulate the presence of digital innovations in the ASEAN region to become optimal solutions for society.

This was conveyed by Secretary General of the Communication and Informatics Ministry Mira Tayyib at the 29th ASEAN Telecommunication Regulators Council (ATRC) meeting in Bali on Wednesday.

"The key to encouraging innovation, expanding digital access, and opening up economic growth lies in developing effective regulations that involve harmonizing innovation and security, promoting inclusivity while maintaining competition, and achieving synergies between global cooperation and regional autonomy," she said.

At the 29th ATRC meeting in Bali, Indonesia served as chairman and highlighted that the ASEAN had, so far, navigated the digital era by adopting a regulation-based framework.

Tayyiba also remarked that the regulatory landscape has played an important role in facilitating 5G networks and supported the ASEAN towards a new era of connectivity and innovation.

"ASEAN countries have worked together to harmonize spectrum allocation and promote cross-border interoperability, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across the region," she affirmed.

Reflecting on this, Tayyiba stated that Indonesia hopes for an effective regulatory framework to be maintained and become the basis for encouraging digital transformation in the ASEAN region. This is also important to regulate digital innovation as a solution and maintain healthy competition in the industry for innovators.

"By providing a clear legal framework for intellectual property rights, fostering innovation hubs, and supporting start-ups, ASEAN can create a dynamic ecosystem that supports the region to be at the forefront of global technological advances," Tayyiba remarked.

With the development of digital technology and innovation, she also reminded other ASEAN members to be able to face the challenges of the digital revolution, including cybersecurity and data privacy, which have currently becoming a global problem.

Hence, Tayyiba emphasized that regulatory development should prioritize strong cybersecurity measures and the establishment of comprehensive data protection regulations.

"ASEAN's commitment to the ASEAN Digital Integration Framework and the ASEAN Data Protection and Privacy Framework is a good step to ensure a safe and secure digital environment for businesses and society," she remarked.

The 29th ATRC meeting was attended by delegations of ASEAN member countries, representatives of the ASEAN Secretariat, and the Director of the ASEAN ICT Center (AICTC).

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