PM 2.5 also causes different characteristics of lung cancer in Asia and other regions
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Air pollution can trigger the growth of carcinogens that cause lung cancer, chairperson of the Oncology Working Group of the Indonesian Lung Doctors Association (PDPI), Sita Laksmi Andarini, has said.

"Air pollution can cause lung cancer, which is triggered by chemicals and carcinogens produced by pollution," Andarini observed at an event entitled "Recognizing the New National Consensus on Lung Cancer Screening" here on Wednesday.

Several studies have proven that air pollution can activate the growth of oncogene genes, which can increase the likelihood of normal cells becoming tumors and developing into cancer, she said.

In addition, air pollution caused by particulate matter (PM) 2.5, which is commonly found in Asia, can also prompt positive epidermal growth receptor (EGFR) mutations. This is why cancers in the Asian region tend to be different from those in other regions.

"PM 2.5 also causes different characteristics of lung cancer in Asia and other regions," she said.

In 55 percent of cases in Asia, lung cancer treatment involves a drug therapy called targeted therapy, she informed. Meanwhile, in Europe and America, such cancers are more commonly treated through chemotherapy.

She also listed several other factors that can cause lung cancer, such as genetic factors, carcinogens, building materials such as asbestos, cigarettes, and even electric cigarettes (vape), which are consumed more frequently by the public.

Earlier on Monday (Aug 21), Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya Bakar said that the ministry has carried out weather modification by causing artificial rain as well as emission tests to tackle air pollution.

"To overcome a situation like this, we are trying to make artificial rain locally so that the air is clean. We urge the implementation of this artificial rain today or tomorrow," she said.

The minister also informed that the ministry has provided a special space for carrying out emission tests so that people can check the level of emissions produced by their vehicles for free.

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