Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin asked the community to use public transportation as an effort to reduce air pollution which is currently occurring in big cities such as Jakarta.

On the sidelines of a Sunday walk at the motorized vehicle-free day event in Central Jakarta, Sadikin reminded residents to reduce the use of private vehicles and switch to public transportation facilities.

"The community can help the government to clear the air and make it healthier by reducing the use of cars and motorbikes," he said.

He also advised residents to cycle, walk, and exercise regularly to maintain their health.

"Nowadays, many diseases are occurring and not due to lack of food, but due to eating too much. For those who like to eat, they should balance it with a lot of exercise such as walking, running, or cycling," he pointed out.

He then reminded the public to start a healthy lifestyle by doing exercise.

The minister noted that the main causes of air pollution in urban areas are gas emissions from motorized vehicles and the operation of power plants and industrial machines that use fossil fuels as an energy source.

Sadikin emphasized that air pollution can be reduced by reducing the use of motorized vehicles and increasing the use of clean energy sources in the operation of power plants and industrial machines.

Earlier, he stated that the work-from-home (WFH) policy could help to reduce vehicle carbon emissions amid the air pollution in Greater Jakarta and its surroundings.

In addition, the impact of air pollution on health can also be reduced through the use of masks and air quality monitoring applications, he said.

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Translator: Sugiharto Purnama, Resinta S
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