Sorong, Southwest Papua (ANTARA) - The Southwest Papua provincial government has launched a campaign to promote fish consumption among kindergarten, elementary, junior, and high school students in six districts and one city to help lower the stunting rate.

The movement to promote fish consumption among children is a strategic step to support stunting reduction in those areas, advisor to the governor, George Yarangga, informed here on Tuesday.

"We have a lot of fish in the sea that contain high protein. Fish is beneficial for a child's growth and nutrition, and to reduce stunting," Yarangga said.

According to him, the movement is a national program that was launched in 2004 by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) to promote the benefits of fish consumption.

"Therefore, the Southwest Papua provincial government welcomes and realizes (the program) through this fish-eating movement that involves children," he added.

He said he hopes that the campaign will be rolled out in all regions in the province so that it can contribute to optimal child growth and development, and thereby, help prevent stunting.

Southwest Papua province ranked fourth in terms of stunting prevalence at 19.9 percent, according to the Community-Based Nutritional Reporting App (E-PPGBM) on July 20, 2023.

According to head of the province's Agriculture, Food, Marine, and Fisheries Office, Absalom Solossa, the fish-based meals prepared for the activity range from grilled fish, fish satay, fish soup, and fish meatballs.

"We prepared a lot of fish and it could be for 500 children," he said.

Fish is a source of protein that contains fatty acids, such as omega 3 and 6, and can be beneficial for children's brain growth when consumed properly and optimally, he added.

"We will carry out this activity continuously as an effort to reduce stunting rates," he affirmed.

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