Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta Provincial Government is of the view that slapping sanctions on people whose vehicles failed carbon emission tests is a short-term solution to lowering air pollution in the capital city.

"We are currently executing a short-term measure in the form of the imposition of fines on (the violators of) emission tests. This measure is expected to be effective in suppressing air pollution in Jakarta," Head of Jakarta's Environment Office Asep Kuswanto remarked here on Friday.

On Friday, the environment office and the Traffic Directorate of the Greater Jakarta Regional Police began inspecting emission test compliance and imposing fines on those having failed to comply. This operation applies to both two- and four-wheeled vehicles, including those belonging to the police.

"Before inspecting the public, the officers must ensure that they have carried out emission tests on their own vehicles," Deputy director of the traffic directorate Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant Doni Hermawan noted.

The capital city government and the police are collaborating to conduct the operation at five locations: Perintis Kemerdekaan Street in East Jakarta, RE Martadinata Street in North Jakarta, Taman Anggrek area in West Jakarta, Blok M Bus Terminal in South Jakarta, and Asia Africa Street in Central Jakarta.

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Furthermore, Hermawan explained that passing the emission tests is not a condition for people looking to extend their vehicle registration certificates (STNK).

"(It is) because we have separate regulations concerning the extension of STNK. We will discuss a related Perpol (Police Regulation) with the National Police's Traffic Corps," he remarked.

The inspection and fine imposition operation constitutes the implementation of the pollution-control measure proposed by Acting Governor of Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono during a limited meeting with President Joko Widodo on August 14.

Hartono also invited all elements of society, including government institutions, state-owned enterprises, private business actors, and the public, in general, to partake in curbing the deteriorating situation of air pollution.

The acting governor pushed for the addition of more green open public spaces in Jakarta and necessitated all owners of private buildings in the capital city to install a water mist system.

In addition to the joint operation, the Jakarta government is intensifying tree-planting activities and taking actions against coal storage companies and charcoal home industries believed to be contributing to the worsening air condition in Jakarta.

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