Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) has highlighted the importance of family planning (KB) in efforts to build healthy families.at an event entitled "Cooperation to Handle Stunting" on Sunday.

BKKBN Head Hasto Wardoyo said at the event held at Jepon I Public Health Center, Blora District, West Java, that the implementation of contraception services under the KB Program could help reduce the risk of maternal and infant mortality and prevent stunting.

"With KB, there is a (time) gap for mothers to recover their bodies and prepare themselves for pregnancy and childbirth," he explained at a BKKBN press conference in Jakarta on Monday.

Contraceptives allow couples to control childbirth according to their desire and ability, help prevent unwanted pregnancies, and give couples enough time to physically, emotionally, and financially prepare themselves to have another child.

Additionally, the use of contraception can reduce the risk of health complications in mothers and babies and allow mothers to recover after childbirth so that they can achieve optimal health before their next pregnancy.

A proper KB Program can also help lower the risk of high-risk pregnancy, such as pregnancy at an early age or a later age, and premature birth risk.

"The maximum age for pregnancy is 35 years. Above that, the risk is too high. Maternal or infant mortality can occur, and stunting can arise," Wardoyo said.

At the event in Blora district, Wardoyo also conversed with KB Program acceptors and promoted the "Two Children are Healthier" campaign.

"The concept of ‘Two Children are Healthier’ is in accordance with scientific evidence and analysis. Infant mortality rates from mothers who have one or two children are significantly different than the rates from mothers who have three, five, or more children," he explained.

During his visit to Jepon I Public Health Center, Wardoyo reviewed the contraception service facility, helped install contraceptives, and conversed with family mobilization team (TPK) members.

"The team is amazing. Keep looking after the pregnant mothers. Be aware of your neighbors; do not let yourself be ignorant when your close neighbor is pregnant," he stated.

As part of the "Cooperation to Handle Stunting" event, 22 acceptors were fitted with contraceptives. They comprised 9 intrauterine device (IUD) users and 13 contraceptive implant users.

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Translator: Lintang B, Azis Kurmala
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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