Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - To help rural entrepreneurs develop their businesses, the Papua provincial government provided them with training and information on how to run their businesses properly.

In a press release released in Jayapura city, Papua, on Monday, acting governor of Papua, Ridwan Rumasukun, urged all related parties to continue to monitor the implementation of programs aimed at developing rural businesses to elevate the living standards of rural communities.

"Such programs are expected to help boost (the province's) locally generated income (PAD)," he said while opening a discussion on developing businesses run by rural communities and governments in Jayapura on Sunday (September 10, 2023).

The acting governor expressed the hope that micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and village-owned enterprises would make the most of the discussion to gain valuable information on how to bolster their business performance in the hopes of boosting the incomes of their villages.

He noted that the provincial government expects rural business actors to continue to innovate and promote positive ideas so they can boost the quality and quantity of their products, and thereby, increase the competitiveness of their businesses.

"In the end, (competitive rural businesses are) expected to help control inflation, reduce the unemployment rate, and alleviate extreme poverty," he said.

Meanwhile, Max Olua, head of the Papua Province's Office of Empowerment of Rural Communities and Papuan Indigenous People, affirmed that the discussion was held to assist MSMEs and village-owned enterprises in creating quality products.

"We trained and provided them with information on how to properly manage businesses in the hopes of helping them to advance their businesses," he said.

By organizing the discussion, the provincial government aimed to improve rural entrepreneurs' skills and capability to run productive and sustainable businesses, with the end goals of augmenting their institutional capacity and boosting PAD, he added.

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