Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chief of the Presidential Staff (KSP) Moeldoko invited South Korea to invest in Indonesia's agricultural technology sector, so that the two countries could anticipate the threat of the global food crisis.

"Indonesia has the land, supportive natural conditions, a wealth of (food crop) varieties, the availability of human resources, and a large market. South Korea has advanced agricultural technology," he noted in a statement received here on Wednesday.

According to Moeldoko, if agricultural cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea can be maximized, both countries can maintain food security and even grow amid the threat of the global food crisis.

Moeldoko was interviewed by the Maekyung Media Group (MBN), the largest media network in the country on Wednesday.

In the interview, he remarked that cooperation in the agricultural technology sector can be a golden opportunity for both countries to grow together amid the crisis.

He explained that as Indonesia's population is reaching 270 million, and it has abundant natural resources and a stable economy, it would be immensely profitable for South Korea to keep investing in Indonesia.

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He remarked that the agribusiness sector is facing the problem of aging farmers.

"The answer to this problem has been applied in Indonesia, where young people are involved in the agriculture industry with a technological approach," he stated.

Moeldoko also spoke about the youth movement to bolster the nation's agriculture that is called the Maju Tani Indonesia Movement.

The movement produces flagship agricultural products using a technological approach, he remarked.

Activists in the movement use superior seeds that are able to survive pests and hard weather conditions.

"They also use artificial intelligence in production, so there is efficiency," Moeldoko, who is the coach of the movement, noted.

Moeldoko visited Seoul to be the speaker at the World Knowledge Forum (WKF). The forum gathered 200 entrepreneurs and experts from around the world to predict the future and discuss solutions to global problems.

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