Jeonju, South Korea--(ANTARA/Business Wire)-- Throughout October, Jeonju hosts a variety of festivals where you can experience the essence of Korean history, taste, style, and culture.

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Jeonju City, Jeollabuk-do, the most culturally Korean city, will present Jeonju Festa 2023 in October, where you can fully appreciate the charms of Jeonju, including its history, culture, and identity.

Travelers from around the world who visit Jeonju in October to attend ‘Jeonju Festa 2023’ will see each week a variety of events held in several locations throughout the city, including Jeonju Hanok Village, Korea Traditional Culture Center, Jeonju General Stadium, and Seohak-dong Art Village.

In the first week of October, Korea's representative gourmet festival, ‘Jeonju Bibimbap Festival’ (October 7-9), ‘Ceremonial March to Enshrine the Portrait of King Taejo of Joseon Dynasty’ (October 6), ‘Jeonju Art Nanjang’ (October 7-9), and ‘International Hanji Industry Festival’ (October 7-10), will take place.

In the second week, the ‘Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Walk’ (October 13–14) to boost nighttime travel to cultural assets, the ‘Joseon Pop Festival’, a new festival showcasing the allures of Jeonju as the city of sound (October 13–15), and the ‘Jeonju Reading Festival’ to maintain Jeonju's character as a publishing cultural city (October 13–15).

Events for the third and fourth weeks of October include Hanbok Culture Week (October 16–22), King Taejo Portrait Enshrinement Festival (October 21), Specialized Festival for Cultural Facilities in Hanok Village (October 27–29), and Jeonju International Fermented Food Expo (October 26–30).

The ‘Opening Festival for Jeonju Festa 2023’ is also scheduled to welcome Jeonju citizens and visitors for four days from October 6 to 9 at Jeonju Stadium and the old baseball stadium site, with 16 different programs.

Woo Beom-ki, Mayor of Jeonju, said, “Jeonju, Korea's leading cultural and tourism city, has organized a series of festivals that encapsulate the essence of Korean culture and Jeonju's identity. We will strive to ensure that everyone who visits Jeonju has a complete experience of the city's flavor and beauty.”

More information on the cultural tourism in Jeonju, including the October festivals, is available on the ‘Visit Jeonju’ website:

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