Jakarta (ANTARA) - Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy stated that President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) had approved to provide assistance to victims of Atypical Progressive Acute Kidney Failure (GGAPA).

"President Jokowi has approved providing assistance to GGAPA victims," the minister noted in a statement on Thursday.

According to Effendy, the mechanism for providing assistance would be carried out through the Ministry of Social Affairs, supported by data from the Ministry of Health and in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance regarding the budget allocation for victims.

He noted that compensation from the government was provided on humanitarian grounds and to demonstrate the state's presence in GGAPA cases.

"President Jokowi is pleased to provide compensation as a form of condolence and is also concerned about the patients' well-being," the minister stated.

Data from the Health Ministry as of September 26, 2023, showed that the total number of GGAPA patients and victims had reportedly reached 326 children, comprising those who were cured and those that had died. Victims of GGAPA are spread across 27 provinces, with the highest number of cases being in Jakarta Province.

Based on the results of examination conducted, the cause of GGAPA was due to poisoning with ethylene glycol (EG) and Diethylene glycol (DEG) compounds that are usually used as solvents in syrup medications.

Effendy remarked that the decision from the law enforcement apparatus to the responsible parties in this case will not affect the compensation provided by the government for the victims.

Moreover, the legal process against the industry involved in the GGAPA case will soon be completed by the police, he added.

"Law enforcement regarding this case must continue to run in order to provide a sense of justice. This case is related to many people's lives since it is related to medicine," he noted.

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