Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Manpower Ministry said the country's human resources quality needs to be increased in order to face artificial intelligence (AI) development. The ministry's Secretary General, Anwar Sanusi, said in his statement received here on Sunday that the rapid development of AI in Indonesia will both provide benefits and challenges in the labor sector.

"For this reason, upskilling and reskilling are necessary to improve human resource skills in facing the development of AI technology," Sanusi remarked virtually at the forum "Preparing the Workforce to Maximize the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence".

He said that AI can increase efficiency and productivity, so Indonesian human resources need to quickly adapt to its development.

On the other hand, he argued, AI can replace some human jobs, which can lead to a reduction in workers in some sectors.

Sanusi added that although AI technology can replace some human jobs, it opens up new opportunities in the technology sector.

"However, AI technology also opens up new opportunities for jobs in the technology sector, such as data analysts, data scientists, and machine learning engineers," he explained.

To that end, he urged companies to train their employees with new skills to compete in the increasingly advanced digital era.

Previously, the Manpower Ministry encouraged college students to master digital technology skills, considering that almost all lines of life have been digitized, including work patterns.

"The digitalization era will increase demand for certain jobs and also decrease other types of work," Sanusi said.

According to him, the demand for job positions that utilize digital technology, such as data and AI analysts and scientists, machine learning engineers, digital marketing specialists, and database architects, is expected to increase.

"While the demand for jobs that are clerical and routine, such as cashiers, secretaries, data entry, and tellers, is expected to decline," he said,

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Translator: Zubi M, Kenzu
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