Jakarta (ANTARA) - Several ambassadors from Indonesia's friendly countries attended a batik fashion show titled "Istana Berbatik" in the courtyard of the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta on Sunday (October 1).

The fashion show was organized by the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry to commemorate National Batik Day, which falls on October 2.

The attending ambassadors wore their own collections of batik-styled clothing during the event, according to a statement received on Monday.

Ambassador of Fiji to Indonesia, Amenatave V. Yauvoli, expressed his pride in personally witnessing the collections of batik exhibited in the fashion show.

He stated that the event was successful in showcasing the beauty of batik collections that genuinely reflect Indonesian culture and values.

"We appreciate this event," the ambassador stated.

Meanwhile, Ambassador of Hungary to Indonesia, Lilla Karsay, said that she was delighted to have the opportunity to take part in the cultural fashion show.

She noted that she had earlier come to the palace to participate in a fashion show of kebaya, a traditional female costume in Indonesia.

The ambassador also expressed joy at being able to personally participate in Sunday's event with representatives from the Indonesian government and parliament.

Karsay spoke of having received gifts in the form of batik fabric, which she usually brought back to Hungary. She said she would usually ask a tailor in her country to transform the batik fabric into clothing.

The tailor can make a clothing out of the fabric by combining the aesthetic aspects of Hungarian folklore and Indonesian culture, she stated.

On the same occasion, Charge d'Affaires of the European Union, Stephane Mechati, opined that batik serves as a manifestation of the diverse culture of Indonesia.

He remarked that Indonesia is a big country that is blessed with varied motifs of batik, adding that batik constitutes a magnificent illustration of a beautiful culture.

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