Jayapura (ANTARA) - The Papua provincial government has invited locals to continue to encourage the use of Papuan batik and promote it to a broader population in a bid to preserve the province's culture.

Papuan batik constitutes a priceless cultural heritage, and its use must, therefore, be promoted continuously, head of Papua Province's Communication and Information Office, Jery Yudianto, said in Jayapura City on Monday.

"Papuan batik is not merely clothing, but also a work of art that combines Papua's natural beauty and the skills of craftsmen from the region," he expounded.

According to Yudianto, Papuan batik holds deep philosophical meaning and symbolizes qualities, such as valor and sincerity, in its designs and motifs.

"Therefore, we should be proud of being blessed with Papuan batik that is rich in philosophy," he said.

Bearing that in mind, the Papua provincial government is urging all residents in the province to take part in efforts to develop love toward their culture by promoting the use of Papuan batik, he added.

Furthermore, he said that the provincial government is committed to supporting activities aimed at promoting Papuan batik, such as the Papua Street Carnival held in Jayapura city in July this year, during which most participants wore Papuan batik-styled clothing.

"We will continue to support the holding of that kind of event while encouraging Papuan young designers to develop more modern batik designs," he informed, adding that such efforts are aimed at promoting Papuan batik to international markets.

In fact, acting governor of Papua, Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun, has instructed all civil servants in the province to dress in Papuan batik every Thursday, he noted.

"This instruction seeks to instill love toward Papuan cultural heritage among civil servants," he said.

At the peak event of the commemoration of the 2023 National Batik Day at the State Palace, Jakarta, Rumasukun wore a Papuan batik-styled white shirt and red jacket.

The event, entitled "Istana Berbatik," featured a fashion show organized by the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry. National Batik Day falls on October 2 every year.

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