PLN Received Two International Awards On Customer Service Innovation and Digital Transformation

PLN Received Two International Awards On Customer Service Innovation and Digital Transformation

Darmawan Prasodjo, President Director of PLN

Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT PLN (Persero) received two awards from the Asian Business Review during the Asian Experience Awards 2023 on Thursday, October 5, 2023, at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center Singapore. PLN received two awards in the energy category: Indonesia User Experience of the Year for the PLN Mobile application and Indonesia Digital Experience of the Year for the company’s digital transformation.

This achievement is the outcome of PLN's transformation and innovation, which has enabled it to give excellent service to consumers. The Asian Experience Awards 2023 were founded by The Asian Business Review (Charlton Media Group), a Singapore-based media. According to the Asian Business Review, PLN as an Indonesian state-owned enterprise, demonstrates the most advanced innovation in the sector of energy, especially electricity.

The coveted prize was granted to PLN as a worldwide acknowledgement of its achievements among 16 countries and 60 well-known Asian companies. PLN is the only company in the energy sector to get an award at this event.

Darmawan Prasodjo, President Director of PLN said this achievement is a concrete proof of PLN's innovation and transformation which continues to be oriented towards customer focus.

"PLN has continued to carry out digital-based transformation from primary energy, power generation, transmission, distribution, financial systems, procurement systems, and customer service during the last three years. This digital transformation has proven to boost company efficiency," Darmawan said.

Darmawan further stated that the digitalization carried out by PLN and its subsidiaries simplifies, accelerates, and integrates the whole business process, it can also be monitored and controlled in real time.

"PLN continues to move forward and develop in line with the changing times. Therefore, the digital-based transformation that we carry out should be massively done, changing the service system that was previously slow, unresponsive to be fast and very satisfying," Darmawan explained.

One of the results of this transformation is the existence of the new PLN Mobile application. PLN's success in changing and managing its mobile application has received recognition at the international level.

"The new PLN Mobile is able to answer customer needs as a one-stop solution application. Some of the services offered by the new PLN Mobile application ranging from new power installations request, electric bill payments, token purchases, better complaint handling, EV digital services, to the marketplace. As a result, PLN Mobile has been downloaded by nearly 44 million users and the rating has reached 4.9 out of 5," he added.

Darmawan stated that PLN will continue to drive the spirit to improve the quality of PLN in serving customers. 

“This achievement has added to the acquisition of awards both domestically and internationally. I dedicate this achievement to all parts of the PLN team who continuously provide the best service for the community,” stated Darmawan.

Apart from company in the energy sector, at this event awards were also given to companies engaged in other fields such as oil and gas which won by Petronas from Malaysia, telecommunications won by China Mobile International from Singapore and banking by Khrungthai Bank PCL from Thailand.


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