Jakarta (ANTARA) - Environmental expert from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Suprihatin stated that the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum Summit was a momentum for Indonesia to solve the problem of marine pollution and preserve the mangrove ecosystem.

"The condition of mangroves in Indonesia generally still requires increased attention," Suprihatin remarked when contacted here on Wednesday.

The IPB environmental expert affirmed that the mangrove ecosystem in various coastal areas of Indonesia had experienced degradation or destruction caused due to economic activities, tourism, settlements, or other domestic activities.

In fact, preserving mangroves is beneficial for the sea and land ecosystems, including protecting against abrasion, neutralizing various pollutants, and providing habitat for various animals, as well as store carbon to reduce the impact of global warming.

"Various efforts to preserve, organize, and replant mangrove areas are essential to be discussed in the AIS Forum Summit," he remarked.

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The issue of pollution and rising sea levels should also be raised at the AIS Forum Summit.

Suprihatin pointed out that these various problems are generally caused by activities at sea and on land that have a direct impact on marine pollution, such as sea transportation, port activities, and pollution of rivers leading to the sea.

Meanwhile, greenhouse gas emissions due to human behavior also cause warmer temperatures on earth and have an impact on the melting of polar ice.

This impact can further increase sea levels on the coast and is considered to be causal to the narrowing of land area.

"In line with the name of the meeting, the problems that must be highlighted are those related to sea water pollution and the increase in sea water levels that have an impact on the land (coastal, ed.)," Suprihatin stated.

The AIS Forum Summit, being held in Bali on October 10-11, 2023, is expected to realize various commitments in marine and coastal management to be implemented, so that this not only controls pollution but also produces various benefits from existing resources.

"As the largest archipelagic country, Indonesia will benefit greatly from successful marine and coastal management," Suprihatin remarked.

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