Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Ombudsman of Indonesia have agreed to strengthen cooperation in providing public services in the financial services sector.

"It is hoped that strengthening cooperation with the Indonesian Ombudsman can improve the quality of public services to prevent maladministration in every public complaint submitted to the OJK," Chairman of the OJK Board of Commissioners Mahendra Siregar noted in a written statement received by ANTARA in Jakarta, Thursday.

The synergy is outlined in a memorandum of understanding signed by Siregar and Chairman of the Indonesian Ombudsman Mokhammad Najih as well as cooperation agreement signed by Chief Executive of the OJK Financial Services Business Actor Behavior, Education and Consumer Protection Supervisor, Friderica Widyasari Dewi, and member of the Indonesian Ombudsman, Yeka Hendra Fatika.

Siregar remarked that intensifying cooperation was also one of OJK's efforts to strengthen consumer protection in the financial services sector.

Collaboration between the OJK and the Indonesian Ombudsman encompasses dissemination of information and education activities in the financial services sector, including joint implementation of public services between the two parties.

The collaboration can take the form of seminars, training, and focused group discussions regarding standards and efforts to optimize public services to the community.

"We want to see that the coordination and cooperation really reach an implementation level and are no longer in a formal setting. We hope that the cooperation that we have established and will continue to build in the future will run smoothly and be the best recognition for all of us for the progress of our homeland and the nation," he affirmed.

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Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Ombudsman Mokhammad Najih expressed hope that strengthening cooperation with the OJK would continue to improve services to consumers, especially in the financial services sector.

"Through this collaboration, it is hoped that we can resolve each problem more quickly and better, so that people's expectations can be fulfilled properly without any fraud, without any irregularities in procedures, so that the quality of governance in the delivery of our public services is improving," he remarked.

The agreed scope of cooperation and coordination includes coordination in order to improve the quality of public services related to the financial services sector in accordance with duties, functions, and authorities, as well as the provision, exchange, and utilization of data and/or information.

The collaboration also includes information dissemination and financial education as well as the implementation of public services, increasing the competency and capacity of human resources, as well as other agreed areas of cooperation in accordance with the authority and provisions of laws and regulations.

The OJK will proactively continue to increase efforts to strengthen consumer protection and speed up the handling of complaints related to obstacles experienced or the public information needs regarding financial products and services.

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