Jakarta (ANTARA) - All policies related to the health sector made by the Health Ministry or other ministries and institutions will be drafted based on data, Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin stated.

"All policies or new agency made by the Health Ministry will be made according to data. If possible, all of the government agencies or institutions related to health must make their policies based on data," he emphasized at the launch of the Health Ministry's Data Utilization Portal in Jakarta on Monday.

According to Sadikin, using data as a basis for policy making could help stakeholders analyze the effectiveness of a particular policy before being implemented in the community.

Hence, to this end, his side is launching the Data Utilization Portal to facilitate the effort. He noted that one of the policies made in accordance with data is the stunting management program.

"We have hundreds of billions of rupiah in funds for the supplementary food program to eliminate stunting. With the portal, we can see whether the budget is properly absorbed or not," Sadikin remarked.

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Furthermore, he allowed other parties to obtain data from the portal in an effort to develop the health sector in the country.

"Hence, if possible, the data will be opened. It will be inclusive. There are many intelligent people in Indonesia, and they should be given the opportunity to work with the Health Ministry," he affirmed.

With its inclusivity, Sadikin remarked that the portal could be used by educational and research institutions, such as the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), to develop research related to health in Indonesia.

He noted that permission to access the Health Ministry's data can help to accelerate national health research. Moreover, this can bring a long-term impact on the culture of researchers and academics in education.

"National health will be developed and supported by other ministries and institutions as well. This is not only for now but also for our future," the minister stated.

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Translator: Sean Muhamad, Resinta Sulistiyandari
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