Indonesia expresses disappointment over work of UNSC

Indonesia expresses disappointment over work of UNSC

A screenshot of Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi during her virtual statement at the United Nations Security Council meeting in New York, the United States, on Tuesday (October 24, 2023). (ANTARA/Yashinta Difa/rst)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi voiced Indonesia's disappointment with the work of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), especially in responding to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"To date, the UNSC has not produced a resolution to handle and stop violence in Gaza and to guarantee the safe distribution of humanitarian aid," Marsudi remarked while delivering an online press statement from New York, the United States, on Wednesday.

Minister Marsudi noted that differences of opinion and the use of veto rights have hindered the work of the UNSC.

To this end, Indonesia is one of the countries that is pushing for the Palestinian issue to be discussed in the special emergency session of the UN General Assembly on October 26, she stated.

According to the minister, the 193 UN member countries can decide to submit a draft resolution through a General Assembly vote, where no country has veto power.

In addition, the UN General Assembly resolutions are not binding, but they have political weight.

At the UN Security Council open debate on October 24, Marsudi urged the UNSC to immediately call for a ceasefire before the conflict in Gaza Strip turns into a humanitarian disaster for the region and the world.

Indonesia also urged the UNSC to prioritize humanitarian access, she remarked.

"There are more than two million people in Gaza that depend on very basic needs for their lives, and the UN Security Council must open safe and smooth humanitarian access routes as well as respect for international humanitarian law," she emphasized.

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Marsudi stated that the Palestinian people are entitled to receive the same rights and treatment as fellow human beings.

“Therefore, Indonesia rejects the expulsion and eviction of the Palestinian people. The UNSC also has the responsibility to handle the situation in Gaza and the root of the problem and guarantee the creation of a two-state solution," she revealed.

The minister closed her statement at the UNSC by stating that Indonesia stands with the people of Palestine.

Due to very sharp differences of opinion among member countries, the UNSC has not yet produced concrete efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On October 18, the United States vetoed the UNSC's resolution draft proposed by Brazil to demand a humanitarian pause in Gaza.

In fact, the resolution opposed by the US received the support of 12 Security Council member countries, while Russia and the United Kingdom abstained.

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, most UNSC permanent members, who have veto rights, namely the US, UK, and France, are known to support Israel.

The US even believes that a ceasefire will actually benefit the Hamas group that has launched attacks on Israel in the latest conflict in the Middle East since October 7.

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