Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned electricity company PLN will build a solar power plant (PLTS) in Indonesia's new capital (IKN) Nusantara in East Kalimantan province, according to the city's authority (OIKN).

"PLN is also contributing to efforts to develop IKN Nusantara by commencing the construction of a solar power plant, with a capacity of 50 megawatts, next week in November," deputy for funding and investment at OIKN, Agung Wicaksono, said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The development of the PLTS is aimed at realizing the vision of making Nusantara a city whose electricity supply comes from new and renewable energy resources, he added.

"So, the electricity supply for IKN Nusantara will come from new and renewable energy," he stated.

According to Law No. 3 of 2022 regarding IKN, Indonesia's future capital is being developed as a city that relies on new and renewable energy-based generators, such as PLTS, solar farms, and solar panels.

The excess of the solar energy generated will be stored and transferred to the electricity system of Kalimantan Island.

To ensure constant adequate electricity supply for Nusantara, the government is developing the city by applying smart grid technology, an electricity network system that optimizes digital communication technology to control, operate, and distribute electricity.

Indonesia has envisioned Nusantara as a city that accurately manages its resources and provides effective services to the public through the efficient use of water and energy resources, sustainable waste management, an integrated mass transport system, and a healthy natural environment.

Furthermore, the government is also applying the concept of a forest city in developing Indonesia's future capital, with the objective of ensuring that at least 50 percent of the city's area is covered by green spaces.

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