Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati has urged all content creators in Indonesia to pay taxes regularly to support the nation's development.

"So, if you have become a famous content creator, check and comply with your tax obligations," she said at the "Indonesian Creators Work: Watch Indonesia Grow 2023" event here on Thursday.

She emphasized that taxes are the obligation of all citizens and should not be considered a problem, given that tax revenues are returned to the community in the form of infrastructure development that can help the digital platform ecosystem to grow even more.

She then cited the example of efforts to build a connectivity network to allow content viewers on digital platforms, such as YouTube, who live in outer areas and do not have electricity or internet access, along with audiences from other countries.

"We will support anything that can increase creativity, but don't make taxes an issue because this is for Indonesia. We will help and we will be ready to support it well," she said.

"That's our way of loving Indonesia: by always protecting it because this country is ours," she added.

Besides ensuring connectivity, the government will also help develop infrastructure through the allocation of the state budget (APBN) to provide electricity as well as public facilities, such as toll roads, ports, and airports.

"All of this is to connect Indonesian people with digital technology and digital connectivity," she explained.

On the same occasion, Indrawati also expressed the hope that content creators on digital platforms would maintain a good attitude to keep Indonesia a united, sovereign, just, prosperous, and dignified country.

She said that content created based on the experience and knowledge of content creators should have a positive impact, promote creativity, and provide inspiration to society.

"Good luck to all of you — the content creators and the entire audience. We, in the government, the Ministry of Finance, are ready to support you so that your creativity and innovation can continue to be improved," she added.

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Translator: Hreeloita Dharma Shanti, Katriana
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