Depok (ANTARA) - Huawei is extending its support to the National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN) for the High-Level Forum focused on information and communication technology (ICT), known as #JagaRuangSiber ICT Forum. This prominent gathering brought together key stakeholders from 180 institutions, government bodies, ICT solution providers, and academia, all with the shared goal of enhancing awareness and preparedness in the face of potential cyber threats within Indonesia's digital landscape.

The #JagaRuangSiber Forum stands as a collaborative platform for sharing insights among participants in the digital realm. It serves as a follow-up to and a means of disseminating the contents of Presidential Regulation Number 47 of 2023, which addresses the National Cybersecurity Strategy and Cyber Crisis Management.


During an interaction with Huawei representatives at the sidelines of the #JagaRuangSiber forum, held at the BSSN Auditorium in Sawangan, Depok, Hinsa Siburian, the Head of BSSN, underscored, "To tackle the cybersecurity challenges, it's essential to engage in collaborative efforts within the quad-helix framework. Huawei is more than a mere partner; it's a trusted ally. We aspire to foster cooperation with Huawei that spawns innovative solutions with benefits extending to all stakeholders."


Sean Yang, Huawei Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Officer (GSPO), took the opportunity to share valuable experiences and insights on overcoming various cybersecurity challenges, enriching the understanding of the forum's attendees. “Drawing from Huawei's global experience, it is evident that upholding cybersecurity constitutes a collective responsibility among all stakeholders. I would like to emphasize, on this occasion, Huawei's unwavering dedication to bolstering Indonesia's cybersecurity capabilities and expertise, with the ultimate goal of achieving Indonesia national cybersecurity strategy," he remarked.

Kalamullah Ramli, an ICT Expert and Academician at the University of Indonesia, emphasized the significance of cybersecurity within the context of digital transformation. “The essence of digital transformation is undermined when cybersecurity considerations are overlooked. Embracing a range of global standards and best practices, like those provided by Huawei, offers a valuable framework for addressing the challenge of cyber threats,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Syarbeni, Huawei Indonesia Cybersecurity and Privacy Officer (CSPO) applauded the #JagaRuangSiber ICT Forum for promoting closer collaboration among stakeholders, stating “The ICT Forum #JagaRuangSiber merits acknowledgment for its capacity to stimulate increased cooperation among stakeholders, ultimately heightening awareness of cybersecurity concerns.”

It is imperative to underscore that the core aim of Presidential Regulation Number 47 of 2023 is to fortify cybersecurity, ensuring the protection of the national digital economy ecosystem. This regulation seeks to enhance the resilience and capabilities of a robust and preventive cybersecurity system, with a steadfast commitment to national interests. Moreover, it actively promotes the development of an open, secure, stable, and responsible global cyberspace.

The cybersecurity policies stipulated within this Presidential Regulation encompass a thorough examination and assessment of cybersecurity measures. They also involve the development and delivery of policy recommendations in the cybersecurity sphere, the cultivation of legal consciousness, the enhancement of public awareness regarding legal aspects, and the seamless, integrated enforcement of laws within the realm of cybersecurity.

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