Jayapura (ANTARA) - The Papuan provincial government has urged local people to use the national currency, the rupiah, as a means of transaction in the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea (PNG) border region near the Skouw cross-border post.

The Acting Head of Papua's Border and Foreign Cooperation Agency (BPKLN), Dolfinus Kareth, stated on Friday that his office had discovered some buyers from PNG using their country's currency, the kina, during transactions in Indonesia's territory.

"We have observed that in the border region, some merchants and buyers continue to use two different currencies, namely the rupiah and the kina," he noted in Jayapura.

Kareth affirmed that all individuals are required to use only the rupiah as a means of transaction on Indonesia's side of the border, as the currency is a symbol of national sovereignty.

"With that in mind, we urge all individuals in the border region to use the rupiah in their transactions as a symbol of respect for the nation's economic sovereignty," he remarked.

Addressing buyers from PNG, Kareth advised them to initially exchange their currency for rupiah before purchasing goods from Indonesian merchants to facilitate smoother and safer transactions.

"In fact, before entering Indonesia and engaging in transactions, buyers should exchange their kina for rupiah," he emphasized.

He expressed hope that authorities in Indonesian border regions with PNG would collaborate with all relevant institutions to enforce the use of the rupiah on Indonesia's side of the border.

"Following the establishment of New Autonomous Regions (DOBs), Jayapura City and Keerom Regency, which share borders with PNG, are expected to collaborate with all relevant institutions to ensure the prevalence of the rupiah, particularly in border regions," he stated.

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