Jakarta (ANTARA) - Assistant to the National Police (Polri) Chief Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo has urged Polri's public relations department to optimize its function of a "cooling system" and ease tensions during the 2024 elections.

"(Polri's public relations department) is expected to strengthen unity and solidity, and make Indonesia really safe, honest, and good," he said, according to a statement released here on Tuesday.

He added that to create a peaceful atmosphere during the elections, the department will need to carry out efforts to prevent risks to public security and order.

He conveyed the statement during an analysis and evaluation of Polri's public relations department, which was entitled "Optimization of Digital Media Management by National Police Public Relations in Order to Support the Implementation of the 2024 Peaceful Elections."

He said that during the 2024 elections, Polri's public relations department will play a role in handling negative social media content containing false information. It will do so by continuing to disseminate accurate information and increasing people's digital literacy, he expounded.

"The National Police public relations must continue to educate (people to promote) digital literacy among the public," he added.

He emphasized that the National Police's public relations staff must be ready 24 hours. In addition, they must increase coordination with the regional police and massively conduct preventive and handling efforts.

"The 2019 (election) is a lesson for all of us, and reminds us that the 2024 election is important for the future of the Indonesian nation. How the 2024 election determines Indonesia's success in the future," Prasetyo said.

According to him, the National Police Headquarters, through its public relations department, must encourage community leaders to synergize their efforts to make next year's elections safe and peaceful.

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Translator: Fianda R, Kenzu
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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