Jakarta (ANTARA) - Inspector general of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Tomsi Tohir, has urged regional governments to build coordination to control inflation ahead of the 2024 General Elections, which could affect the inflation rate.

In a statement released here on Monday, Tohir underlined that coordination is needed, especially in regions where commodity prices are still high.

Some examples are Bandung city and Cimahi city, which have seen the highest increase in prices of red chili peppers, shallots, and bird's eye chilis in Java for three consecutive weeks, he said.

"Bandung city and Cimahi city should pay attention," he stressed.

He informed that his party is routinely asking provincial, district, and city governments to send reports on the inflation control measures taken by them.

The measures include implementing the planting movement, preparing unexpected expenditure budgets, and coordinating with commodity-producing regions to ensure smooth supply.

"For those who have carried out these measures, but the (prices in the) region are still high, we will evaluate again whether the measures have not generated a change because they are not quite adequate, not massive enough, or others," he informed.

He said that, based on data, the planting movement has been launched by 356 regions as of November 27, 2023. However, currently, an increase is being witnessed in the prices of commodities, such as red chili peppers, in 358 districts and cities.

This is being taken as a sign that the movement has not had a significant impact, even though it was expected to affect the supply positively, and thereby, help bring prices under control.

"In September 2022, the Minister of Home Affairs ordered the launch of a planting movement. After more than a year, related to chilis, bird's eye chilis, and shallots, of course, it should have an impact," he said.

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Translator: Narda Margaretha, Raka Adji
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