Taipei, Taiwan--(ANTARA/Business Wire)-- CTBC Bank Co., Ltd., staged an exhibition titled “Home Away From Home-Taking an adventure with the Leap to Embrace Cultural Differences!” at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park on Nov. 25 to encourage Taiwanese professionals to chase their dreams of pursuing careers abroad. Having attracted approximately 2,000 visitors, this event invited speakers to share their observations on Southeast Asian culture, as well as talks on intercultural marriage and stories of Taiwanese expatriates.
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The exhibition includes three main events: a Southeast Asian cultural and creative market, cultural talks, and a concert. The talks focused on the topics of Thai culture, the stories of intercultural marriage, and advice for professionals who are looking to go overseas, offering insight into how different cultures interact and integrate.

In one of the talks, Peter Wei, the Head of the Human Resources Group of CTBC Bank, introduced the CTBC International Relationship Manager (IRM) Program. He encouraged young professionals to step out of their comfort zone to explore their career opportunities abroad.

Meanwhile, Lin Yi-fang, the Head of the Industrial Clothing Operations Division of SHEICO Group, explained how the company has managed to build its top-tier team through international training programs. By empowering their employees to gain overseas working experience, the company has risen to be one of the largest wetsuit manufacturers in the world.

To introduce Southeast Asian culture to visitors, CTBC invited the Taipei Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Manila Economic and Cultural Office, the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei, and the Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei to display their cultural exports in the exhibition, including Vietnamese traditional clothing, coffee, and peach tea, along with the Indonesian snack Tempe.

CTBC also made a brand promotional film with the title “Home Away From Home,” portraying the courage and hard work of our expatriate colleagues in Thailand. It tells the story of how our Taiwanese colleagues overcame the cultural barrier with Thai colleagues and formed a familial bond. Available online now, please visit the Facebook page – Home Run Taiwan Youtube: to watch the film.

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