Mojokerto City, East Java (ANTARA) - Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy appreciated Mayor of Mojokerto, Ika Puspitasari, for her performance in boosting human development in the city located in East Java.

"Five years serving as the leader of Mojokerto, the mayor has been successful in serving all people of the city, Hopefully, everything she pioneered will be sustained," he remarked on during the launch of the Majapahit Marine Park, Mojokerto City, on Saturday (December 9) evening.

In his speech, Effendy noted that under Puspitasari's leadership, Mojokerto City managed to boost its Human Development Index (IPM) score to 80.7 percent, thereby far exceeding the national average of 74.39 percent.

He then said that in terms of poverty alleviation, Mayor Puspitasari had managed to suppress the rate of poverty in the city to only around five percent, adding, "This figure is far below the national average of around nine percent."

The minister also drew attention to the alleviation of stunting cases in children, saying that Mojokerto's stunting prevalence has been significantly suppressed from 9.04 percent in 2019 to only 2.26 percent this year.

"I believe that stunting prevalence in Mojokerto will reach zero percent," he said, adding that the central government has designated stunting alleviation as one of its priorities.

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The minister then said he believes that the achievements delivered have been the results of collaboration between the Mojokerto municipal government, ulemas, religious figures, stakeholders, and local Regional Leadership Communication Forum.

Meanwhile, Mayor Puspitasari said that the synergy and collaboration with all people has helped the government to achieve the feats.

"Personally, I have fully dedicated myself to Mojokerto City. In the conclusion of my five-year term of administration, I would like to express my gratitude," she remarked.

She then said that the City of Mojokerto can be proud of all the achievements delivered.

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