Everything is based on water because there must be water if people want to live comfortably
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said water is a key factor in sustainable city development, thereby necessitating good management.

"Water is a key factor for the future sustainable development of Indonesian society and economy," Hadimuljono remarked during a discussion held in Jakarta, Monday.

He noted that the availability of clean water is one of the main factors considered in deciding whether a city is livable or sustainable.

According to Hadimuljono, urban development is not only about physical development but also concerns water management related to the application of the water sensitive concept.

The concept is an urban design approach and is part of the green infrastructure concept aimed at reducing flooding problems, among others.

He cited an example of water management in Jakarta, where the government built the Ancol Sentiong Pump Station to reduce flooding in eight sub-districts while also completing a flood control system from upstream to downstream in Jakarta.

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"Water sensitive (city) also has something called a livable city or sustainable city. Everything is based on water because there must be water if people want to live comfortably. Hence, water sensitive or water resilient city is not only for (controlling) flooding, not only for water supply, but also for (ensuring) comfort, " he remarked.

Hadimuljono noted that the Ancol Sentiong Pump Station had been built since 2020 at a cost of Rp481.37 billion.

The pump station has five pumps, with a capacity of 10 cubic meters per second.

"(For a) water sensitive city, we must be able to control flooding but also be able to supply water and clean the environment," he stated.

City planning observer Yayat Supriatna remarked that the management of water is necessary, so that its availability is maintained.

"Two months ago, there was a long dry season, and we missed water. However, when the rainy season came, we forgot about water," he said.

He noted that the matter of a water-friendly city in the future is a conflict between space for humans and space conflict for water.

The government needs to develop urban spatial planning for humans as well as for water to create a life balance.

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