we are expecting the people to propose for the certification of all uncertified waqf lands by the end of 2024
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The government has been striving to certify all parcels of waqf land in an effort to avert likely conflicts, Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning Minister Hadi Tjahjanto stated in Jakarta on Monday.

"It is imperative for us to provide certificates for all uncertified waqf lands. To that end, we are expecting the people to propose for the certification of all uncertified waqf lands by the end of 2024," he remarked.

Tjahjanto emphasized the importance of the people actively participating in the certification processes by registering the lands, so that the government can immediately issue the certificates.

He then spoke of having consistently coordinated with religious organizations to identify uncertified waqf lands.

The Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning Ministry/National Land Agency (ATR/BPN) has been working in coordination with the Indonesian Ulema Council, Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board, and Muhammadiyah Executive Board, he noted.

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"We continue to maintain coordination in order to reach an immediate conclusion to the certification processes," Tjahjanto affirmed.

He further noted that both the government and waqf land owners share the responsibility to register the lands in question, adding that the certification of such lands could prevent conflicts and disputes from taking place.

"If a waqf land is not immediately certified, it would be difficult to certify it in the future in the event of its heirs questioning the status of the land, even though their ancestors have donated the land for religious purposes," he stated.

Tjahjanto affirmed that the ministry would always be ready to assist the people in certifying their waqf lands.

"God Willing, we will follow up all proposals (for certification) since we have officials stationed in regions. We continue to strive to complete the certification of all waqf lands, including those dedicated for places of worship," he stressed.

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