Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the National Food Agency (Bapanas), Arief Prasetyo Adi, guarantees sufficient food stock for the community ahead of the 2023 Christmas and 2024 New Year holidays.

"Our food stock is safe and sufficient. However, the holidays' momentum surely brings an impact, such as increasing food prices. The public is suggested to shop wisely according to their needs," Adi stated on Tuesday.

He noted that the government would ensure food availability, including through inter-regional food mobilization with Food Distribution Facilitation (FDP) to balance regions with excess stock with regions having deficit stock.

"As of December 8, FDP realization had reached 2.54 million kilograms of food. We hope this could realize equal distribution to various regions, especially to areas where majority of the people celebrate Christmas," Adi stated.

In detail, the FDP program had delivered 1.17 million kilograms of corn, 645 thousand kilograms of soybeans, 181 thousand kilograms of rice, 158 thousand kilograms of fried onion, 137 thousand kilograms of cooking oil, 79.5 thousand kilograms of sugar, 73.2 thousand kilograms of eggs, 44.8 thousand kilograms of wheat flour, 30 thousand kilograms of chicken meat, 16.8 thousand kilograms of red chilies, and 5.2 thousand kilograms of red cayenne pepper.

"Last week, in Nagekeo, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), President Joko Widodo found red cayenne pepper, with a price of Rp50 thousand per kilogram, while the price in Java Island is more expensive. The price was cheaper in Nagekeo since it came from local production," he remarked.

Hence, his side always encourages local governments to pay attention and develop their superior local commodities.

As of December 11, the Government Food Reserves (CPP) in the form of strategic food stocks at State-Owned Enterprises' (SOEs') warehouses amounted to 1.4 million tons of rice managed by Bulog and 2.26 thousand tons in ID FOOD.

Bulog has a stock of 15.2 thousand tons of corn and 0.58 tons of soybeans, while the stock of shallots and garlic in Bulog reached 0.85 tons and 11.88 tons each, followed by the stock of 15.59 tons of chilies at the Bulog warehouse.

Moreover, Bulog has stored 42.29 tons of CPP beef, while ID FOOD has stocked 1.2 thousand tons of CPP beef. Regarding the chicken meat stock, Bulog has 11.55 tons, while ID FOOD manages 89.5 tons.

Furthermore, Bulog has 93.35 tons of chicken eggs and 5.5 thousand tons of granulated sugar, while ID FOOD has 8.1 thousand tons of granulated sugar.

For cooking oil, Bulog manages a stock of 4,169 kiloliters, while ID FOOD has 597.4 kiloliters. Bulog also has 968.9 tons of various types of fish stored at the warehouse.

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