Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian farmers are not facing a scarcity of subsidized fertilizers ahead of the planting season in early 2024, Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran Sulaiman affirmed in Jakarta on Thursday.

"We have amended the related agriculture minister's regulation, so farmers can now obtain subsidized fertilizers by simply using their identity cards. This provision has been in effect since my inauguration as the agriculture minister," he remarked at an anti-corruption event at his ministry's building.

Sulaiman said he is fully aware of the importance of fertilizers for planting activities. Hence, he amended Agriculture Minister's Regulation No.10 of 2022 with the aim of providing a simpler procedure for farmers seeking to obtain subsidized fertilizers.

He explained that amendment to the regulation allows farmers to access subsidized fertilizers simply by using their identity cards, thereby eliminating the need for being holders of a Kartu Tani (Farmer Card).

"Subsidized fertilizers are available for those whose occupation in their identity cards is written as farmers. No other requirements. We should make it simple because productive farmers can help Indonesia reach its vision of food self-sufficiency," he remarked.

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Earlier, the Agriculture Ministry's Director General of Agricultural Facilities and Infrastructure, Ali Jamil, noted that the locations for purchasing subsidized fertilizers in regions have been consistent with suggestions submitted through the government's electronic system.

"Farmers seeking to purchase subsidized farmers can come to designated kiosks and use either a Farmer Card or an identity card," he stated.

He further remarked that farmers registered as beneficiaries of the subsidy can simply access pupukbersubsidi.pertanian.go.id to view the quantity of subsidized fertilizers allocated for them.

According to data from state-owned fertilizer holding firm PT Pupuk Indonesia, a total of 1.2 million tons of fertilizers at line III warehouses have been readied for farmers to prepare for the 2024 planting season.

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