Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) stated that according to an investigation, the highest number of aviation accidents in Indonesia had been recorded in 2023.

“Statistically, the number of aviation accidents has decreased. However, (as) compared to last year, there is a slight increase in (the number of) accidents in the highlands, especially in Papua,” Chairperson of KNKT Soerjanto Tjahjono stated in a press release titled “The 2023 KNKT Performance Achievements” at the KNKT building in Jakarta on Thursday.

The KNKT recorded a total of seven accident cases and 13 serious incidents, with the number of runway excursion investigations dominating the record.

Furthermore, 10 traffic and road transport accidents, six seafaring accidents, and four rail accidents were reported.

The KNKT stated that the most prominent accidents were that of the Cessna C208B that crashed into a mountain in Papua and four tail strike accidents involving the Boeing 737 aircraft.

“The KNKT has coordinated with aircraft operators regarding these accidents to take corrective action,” Tjahjono stated.

The KNKT also remarked that the aviation sector authorities completed 13 initial reports and five final reports and provided 11 recommendations.

The recommendations are detailed as follows: two recommendations to the Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority, four recommendations to aircraft operators, two recommendations to the Air Navigation Service Provider, and three recommendations to airport operators.

The KNKT recorded a decrease in the number of traffic and road transport accidents. Earlier, in 2021, some 18 cases were recorded, while in 2022, some 15 cases were reported.

The three prominent cases in 2023 were a single bus accident in the Guci Tourist Area where a tour bus fell into a cliff; an accident at the Bawen Toll Exit, Central Java; and a series of accidents involving a heavy-duty truck and other vehicles on Perintis Kemerdekaan Road, West Java.

“Seven final reports for the traffic and road transport modes have been completed,” Tjahjono remarked.

Meanwhile, based on the investigation data from 2013 to 2023, seafaring accidents are dominated by ship fires caused by external sources, namely cargo trucks, at 53 percent, and vehicles, 47 percent.

Throughout 2023, some 11 final reports with 44 recommendations had been completed for the seafaring sector. Of those recommendations, 82 percent still have an open status.

“This year’s most prominent cases (in the seafaring sector) are the explosion and fire onboard the Kristin oil tanker, a fire onboard a passenger ship, and a fire that burnt 62 fishing vessels in Tegalsari Fishing Harbor,” he stated.

Tjahjono also noted that the railway sector authorities had completed three initial reports, one final report, and one final report draft, which is currently awaiting stakeholder safety action.

Throughout 2023, some 87 percent of the safety recommendations have been followed up by the recipients. Meanwhile, the remaining 13 percent of the recommendations still have an open status.

“The KA 17 Argo Semeru accident at kilometer 250+4 between the Sentolo and Wates stations in the Yogyakarta Operational Area was the most prominent accident of the year,” he said.

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