the spending was channeled through social protection, education, and infrastructure development programs
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati on Friday informed that Rp1,060 trillion or 57.6 percent of the total government spending as of December 12, 2023, directly targeted the people.

"From the realization of central government spending of Rp1,840 trillion, more than 57 percent was directly felt by the community," she informed at a press conference on the 2023 State Budget.

Indrawati said that the spending was channeled through social protection, education, and infrastructure development programs.

"For the Family Hope Program (PKH), the government distributed Rp27.9 trillion to 9.8 million beneficiary families (KPM)," she disclosed.

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According to her, the government distributed Rp44.3 trillion for 18.7 million KPM under the basic food card program, food social assistance worth Rp19.4 trillion, Rp42.4 trillion in assistance for 96.7 million national health insurance (JKN) participants, and livestock assistance worth Rp235.5 billion for 24.54 thousand heads of livestock.

This was followed by assistance for agricultural machinery worth Rp681.2 billion and assistance for seeds and organic fertilizers worth Rp1.5 trillion for 659.4 thousand hectares of agricultural areas, she informed.

The government also distributed Rp99.6 trillion in subsidies and compensation for fuel, Indrawati said.

As for education programs, the government distributed Rp1.1 trillion for 20.3 million students targeted by the Smart Indonesia Program, Rp12.7 trillion for 949.2 thousand students under the KIP (smart Indonesia card) university program, and Rp10.6 trillion as School Operational Assistance under the Ministry of Religious Affairs for 9.3 million students.

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State University Operational Assistance worth Rp5.1 trillion was also distributed to 197 state universities, along with pre-employment card training budget of Rp4.3 trillion for 1.1 million participants.

As part of infrastructure development, the government built the Ciawi-Sukabumi, Tebing Tinggi Indrapura, and Cibitung-Cilincing toll roads, among others.

As of December 12, 2023, actual government spending was recorded at Rp2,588.2 trillion, the minister informed.

Meanwhile, Rp747.8 trillion in government spending was channeled through regional governments, Indrawati added.

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