Surabaya (ANTARA) - Indonesia did not experience any deficit in electricity supply on Christmas Eve this year, Director of Distribution at state-owned electricity company PT PLN Adi Priyanto said on Monday.

"Praise be to God, the entire region of Indonesia did not face deficits in electricity supply. I would like to thank those working on the field to ensure our systems remain reliable, especially in places of worship in East Java," he informed in a statement received in Surabaya, East Java Province.

Meanwhile, General Manager of PLN's East Java Distribution Unit Agus Kuswardoyo said that his side recorded an increase in the actual peak load of electricity in the province on Christmas Eve compared to the previous year.

"The actual peak load on Christmas Eve was at 5,654 megawatts, or an increase of 7.35 percent compared to that recorded last year," he added.

He informed that PLN has declared 726 locations in the province as a power security priority, including 332 places of worship, 71 transportation zones, 52 governmental zones, 72 defense zones, 102 hospitals, 43 tourism destinations, and 54 shopping centers.

Kuswardoyo added that the company has also determined alert priority spots at 37 locations, including 18 places of worship, three shopping centers, eight tourist destinations, four transportation zones, two defense zones, one governmental zone, and one hospital.

"Among the prioritized locations is the Bethany Church that will host the National Christmas Day Celebration 2023, which will be attended by President Joko Widodo. We have prepared everything to ensure electricity reliability," he said.

He added that PLN has prepared a total of 4,782 personnel who are being supported by 88 mobile generators, 199 mobile substation units, 49 uninterrupted power supply devices, 388 operational cars, 14 cranes, 16 sky lifts, and 452 quick service unit motorbikes to secure electricity supply during the year-end holidays in East Java.

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