Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Chief of Mission at the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, Parulian Silalahi, stated that swift's nest, coconut, durian, and coffee are among Indonesia's potential export commodities to China in 2024.

"We have a huge opportunity to increase the exports of swift's nest to China," he remarked during a webinar titled "Export Outlook 2024" as followed in Jakarta on Wednesday.

He noted that the Indonesian embassy had met with China's importers who said that swift's nest products from Indonesia have a higher level of quality as compared to those from other countries.

Parulian stated that China has been the main export destination of Indonesian swift's nest products, adding that the total value of the products' exports to China had reached as much as Rp5.8 trillion (US$376 million) last year.

He then remarked that Indonesia needs to continue to elevate the quality of its swift's nests to secure its position as a prominent exporter of the commodity.

"We need to improve the standards, quality, and supply certainty of our swift's nests. It would be even better if we could include the commodity in the downstreaming process, so that we can export it as processed products that have a higher value," he remarked.

The diplomat then drew attention to Indonesia's coconut, durian, and coffee products. He cited data from the Export Potential Map, saying that the potential value of durian exports to China reached Rp2.6 billion (US$168.5 thousand) per month in 2022.

Indonesian coffee also has vast market potential in China, considering that the Eastern Asian country has been witnessing significant development in the coffee-drinking trend since 2018, he added.

As for coconut products, he affirmed that Indonesia wields a promising opportunity to prevail over Thailand and Vietnam. He noted that Indonesia is privileged in terms of its vast area of land, good land contours, and an advantageous geographical location to produce coconuts.

"The demand for coconuts in China has kept increasing. It should be noted that our country lies in a suitable region for coconut plantations. Hence, we should tap into this potential in China," Parulian pointed out.

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