Purwokerto (ANTARA) - PT Pupuk Indonesia ensures the availability and smooth distribution of subsidized and non-subsidized fertilizers in order to support the program to accelerate the planting season in early 2024.

"Today, we were also invited by the Ministry of Agriculture because the president will provide guidance to 50 thousand farmers throughout Central Java," Marketing Director of Pupuk Indonesia Tri Wahyudi Saleh stated on the sidelines of the Fertilizer Bazaar in the parking lot of the Purwokerto Satria Sports Arena, Banyumas District, Central Java, Tuesday.

As a state-owned company (BUMN) in charge of fertilizer logistics, Saleh remarked that his side had the opportunity to be invited and attend the event and had been keen to show the government and the farming community that fertilizer stocks, especially those produced by Pupuk Indonesia, were sufficient for meeting the needs.

Saleh admitted to feeling grateful because in 2023, his side had received an assignment from the government to distribute 6.1 million tons of subsidized fertilizer, and 100 percent had been realized.

"Only this year, we were able to carry out 100-percent realization. This means that during El Nino, yesterday, there was a delay in planting and so on. Then in November, it started to rain, and the farmers were so enthusiastic. Hence, the farmers absorbed it very quickly, and thank God, we were able to realize 6.1 million tons, or 100 percent," he remarked.

In order to support the accelerated planting program, especially for rice, which is being promoted by the government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Saleh said, his side is even more enthusiastic and invites and commends farmers to speed up the preparation of their fertilizers.

"And thank God, on December 21, 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture has assigned us to prepare 4.7 million tons of subsidized fertilizer," he affirmed.

Hence, Saleh said, his side is preparing to distribute the subsidized fertilizer and show the readiness of its stock through the Fertilizer Bazaar activity.

According to Saleh, the fertilizer stock prepared by Pupuk Indonesia has almost reached 1.7 million tons, comprising 1.2 million tons of subsidized fertilizer and 500 thousand tons of non-subsidized fertilizer.

"Today, we show that we have all the stock, and we extend our appreciation to the farmers first for redeeming the subsidized fertilizer," he stated.

In this case, Saleh revealed that farmers, who redeem one bag of subsidized fertilizer containing 50 kilograms, will receive three bags of non-subsidized fertilizer containing five kilograms each for free as a mark of appreciation from Pupuk Indonesia as the fertilizer producer.

Saleh remarked that fertilizer stocks in all regions of Indonesia are 200 percent above the minimum stock requirements.

"Hence, there are no more problems. I ask for it to be straightened out. There is no longer the issue of fertilizer scarcity. All subsidized fertilizers are ready. All non-subsidized fertilizers are available, and we hope they will have practiced buying non-subsidized ones," he stated.

Regarding the mechanism for redeeming subsidized fertilizer at bazaar locations, he noted that farmers would receive coupons to obtain fertilizer through the distributor closest to their respective areas.

According to Saleh, farmers, who received the coupons, had already been registered in the Ministry of Agriculture's electronic definitive plan for group needs (e-RDKK) system.

"In 2024, we will only receive a task of 4.7 million tons. This means there are additional plans, and we are still waiting," Saleh remarked.

One of the farmers from Karangkemiri Village, Karanglewas Sub-District, Banyumas District, Salimun admitted to being happy to receive a non-subsidized fertilizer bonus of three bags containing five kilograms each, as he had redeemed the subsidized fertilizer earlier at the bazaar location.

With this non-subsidized fertilizer bonus, he is optimistic that fertilizer needs for his rice fields in this first planting season would be met.

"I just started planting this week. Usually, I need 1.5 quintals of subsidized fertilizer for 2.5 hectares of land," he stated.

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Translator: Sumarwoto, Cindy Frishanti Octavia
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