Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC) provides safe and comfortable "park and ride" facilities at stations of the Jakarta-Bandung "Whoosh" high-speed train to accommodate people seeking to travel between the two cities in one day.

"KCIC has provided comfortable and safe parking facilities for passengers," KCIC's General Manager of Corporate Secretary, Eva Chairunisa, noted in a statement here on Tuesday.

According to Chairunisa, plenty of people have been making the most of Whoosh to travel from Jakarta to Bandung in the morning and return to the capital in the evening, adding that 48 percent of Whoosh passengers were those earlier using private vehicles to travel between the cities.

Hence, to this end, she affirmed that the KCIC had to provide reliable park and ride facilities both at Jakarta's Halim and Bandung's Tegalluar high-speed train stations.

In detail, the parking area at the Halim Station can accommodate 212 cars, while that at the Tegalluar Station has the capacity to serve a total of 107 cars and 220 motorbikes.

Meanwhile, at the Padalarang station, people can use a parking area owned by state-owned railway company PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), she added.

Chairunisa further noted that KCIC had adopted a card-based cashless payment method for parking services at the park and ride facilities to provide a higher level of convenience to the public.

She remarked that KCIC had established cooperation with parking service providers to station officers at the parking spots to ensure safety and security for passengers' private vehicles.

She noted that the KCIC will continue to provide the finest services and facilities in the effort to attract more people to start opting for means of mass transportation.

"Whoosh and its supporting facilities are present to facilitate people to embark on one-day trips between Jakarta and Bandung and encourage them to switch to public transport," she concluded.

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