Jakarta (ANTARA) - The relocation of the seat of government from Jakarta to the new capital city (IKN) Nusantara, East Kalimantan, is a crucial component in Indonesia's grand design toward achieving the Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision.

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno made the statement in Jakarta, on Wednesday (January 10), during a routine event titled "The Weekly Brief With Sandi Uno."

"We should be proud of IKN, as it is a future capital that draws international attention. The capital city relocation is part of our grand design toward achieving the vision of Golden Indonesia 2045," he remarked.

Uno noted that the government has been paying close attention to the sustainability aspects in developing Nusantara, adding that the future capital city is expected to help Kalimantan Island preserve and display its biodiversity.

The minister then emphasized that one of the main objectives of the capital relocation is to actualize equitable development, distributing progress evenly to all regions of Indonesia instead of merely on Java Island.

"By relocating the capital city, we will not only achieve the Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision but also show the world that Indonesia is indeed the largest archipelagic state on the planet. To that end, we need to equally develop all regions, not only Java Island," he stressed.

He said the development of the tourism and creative economy sectors in IKN has been underway, as evidenced by the construction of various supporting infrastructure and facilities, such as the Nusantara Hotel, with a total investment value of Rp20 trillion (about US$1.3 billion).

Uno encouraged tourism villages situated in the vicinity of IKN to build homestays as alternative accommodation for tourists.

"Homestays can be an alternative accommodation option, as they prioritize environmental preservation, traditional customs, and local wisdom," he remarked.

He then emphasized the importance of collaboration among relevant parties in making Nusantara a sustainable forest city.

On the occasion, Deputy for Socio-cultural Affairs and People Empowerment at the Nusantara City Capital Authority (OIKN), Alimuddin, stated that President Joko Widodo is scheduled to participate in the fourth phase of project groundbreakings in IKN on January 18.

Meanwhile, Director General of Public Information and Communication at the Communication and Informatics Ministry, Usman Kansong, noted that his side had formulated a design for telecommunication networks in Nusantara to support the smart city concept.

"The design for telecommunication networks has been prepared. Now, it is a matter of how to apply it under collaboration with other ministries and institutions," he remarked.

He further noted that the ministry would develop a national data center in the future capital city and a site dedicated for introducing IKN to the public.

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