Pangkalpinang (ANTARA) - The Resort Police of West Bangka District, Bangka Belitung (Babel) Islands Province, apprehended a perpetrator for hoarding 2.5 tons of diesel fuel in Kelapa Sub-district on Friday (January 12).

"On Friday evening, the Criminal Investigation Unit of the West Bangka Resort Police captured the perpetrator. The West Bangka Police is still dealing with this case," Public Relations Head of the Babel Regional Police, Grand Commissioner Jojo Sutarjo, remarked in Pangkalpinang City on Saturday.

He noted that during a raid, the police managed to seize evidence of crime in the form of 2.5 tons of diesel fuel and arrested the hoarder, with the initials as MR, 30, who is a resident of Simpang Tempilang, West Bangka.

"The arrested perpetrator was hoarding the diesel fuel. The West Bangka Resort Police's Criminal Investigation Unit is currently handling the case," he pointed out.

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During the raid, he remarked that the police had found the hoarded diesel fuel stored in a total of 109 jerricans.

Sutarjo then revealed that the perpetrator obtained the diesel fuel by making repeated transactions at a fuel station located in West Bangka District.

"The total amount of diesel fuel found reaches around 2.5 tons," he stated.

He remarked that the resort police also seized a car and several tools used by the perpetrator for hoarding the diesel fuel.

"The perpetrator and his evidence of crime have been taken into custody at the West Bangka Resort Police Headquarters for further investigation," Sutarjo concluded.

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