Bangkok, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- Central Pattana plc, Thailand's number one real estate developer and operator of 39 Central shopping centers nationwide, in collaboration with leading public and private partners including the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Royal Thai Police and Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association (RSTA), etc., created a sensational world-class countdown event, reinforcing its reputation as the No.1 world's entertainment countdown, for more than two decades with a historic moment as hundreds of thousands united to countdown to 2024.

Stepping into the year 2024 surrounded by the spectacular 180-degree Futuristic Fireworks show, blending real fireworks with artistic displays on the Panoramix screen. Moreover, It is the only venue that gathers K-Pop, C-Pop, and T-Pop artists on the same stage, let's have a blast with K-Pop artist: Youngjae Got 7, C-Pop artist: Patrick Nattawat and a number of T-Pop artists led by PP Krit and Billkin Putthipong, BOWKYLION and a collaboration between Nont Thanont x Ink Warunthorn and the final 15-minute countdown moment to 2024 on screens throughout Bangkok.

Undoubtedly, centralwOrld Bangkok cOuntdOwn 2024 has been the most popular countdown venue in the heart of Thailand for more than two decades. In addition to centralwOrld's extensive collaborations with other sectors in organizing countdown events since 2000, nestled in the heart of the city with seamless transport access and the vast Ratchaprasong area capable of hosting over 250,000 people, Central World emerges as the ultimate destination to ring in the New Year.

This is another year that centralwOrld celebrated the New Year countdown moments with people around the world as we are going up on the screen in Times Square New York to complete the last night of the year for five consecutive year. Plus, the spectacular memorable moments which is ensuring that centralwOrld Bangkok cOuntdOwn 2024 becomes a symbolic event of Thailand's New Year celebrations, creating the most memorable happy year-end moments in the same way as countdown landmarks around the world. The event also ensured strong security measures for the confidence of the large crowd of Thai people and foreign tourists and boosted the country's economy.


Reporter: Irvan Ariyana
Editor: PR Wire
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