Ulemas should not only safeguard Muslims but also the Indonesian nation as a whole because unity is our capital
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin called on Indonesian ulemas to keep taking part in safeguarding the nation's unity before and during the 2024 General Elections by preventing conflicts triggered by political differences.

According to a press release received from his secretariat in Jakarta on Sunday, Amin made the call during his meeting with ulemas of Pati at Maslakul Huda Islamic Boarding School, Pati District, Central Java, on Saturday.

"Let us all protect the people, guiding them to not fight each other due to differences in political preferences. Ulemas should not only safeguard Muslims but also the Indonesian nation as a whole because unity is our capital," he remarked.

Amin emphasized that the nation should prudently address political differences in the upcoming elections to prevent conflicts that can lead to setbacks.

He then lauded the ulemas for their success in preserving harmony among them despite having differences in political views and preferences while noting that unity among ulemas serve as the key to make Indonesia a successful democracy.

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"I am very happy to learn that different views on the elections among ulemas here do not trigger conflicts among them. That is very important," he stressed.

Amin also placed emphasis on the importance of ulemas adapting to changes by properly conducting ijtihad, or a process of interpretation of the Islamic law to reach a legal decision.

"We are facing brand new issues that we had not faced in the past. For that reason, we will always need ijtihad," he said.

He then invited ulemas to participate in growing the economy by emphasizing the importance of developing Islamic economy.

The vice president noted that the government had established the National Committee on Islamic Finance and Economy (KNEKS) and similar regional committees as an effort to bring progress to Islamic economy in Indonesia.

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Translator: Rangga P, Tegar Nurfitra Putra
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