Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) called on the Military Academy (Akmil) to adapt to changes in technology and the global political and economic landscape.

"Military Academy must be able to adjust and adapt to disruption and changes in technology as well," Jokowi noted during his speech at the inauguration of Graha Utama Akmil in Magelang, Central Java, Monday.

In order to respond to various changes that are occurring, prospective Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) soldiers at the Military Academy must be equipped with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) material, the president suggested.

According to Jokowi, STEM materials are important in the development and mastery of various main weapons system tools with advanced technology, such as ships or unmanned aircraft that can be armed with facial recognition technology to catch targets with precision and accuracy.

"Today, I am happy to be here. This is the center of the best TNI soldiers. A place to forge mental (strength), intellectual (prowess), and toughness," Jokowi noted.

During his speech, Jokowi also elaborated on the construction of the newly inaugurated Graha Utama Akmil spanning an area of 8,068 square meters that would encourage the academy and its cadets through modern educational facilities and infrastructure.

The building can be used as a center for academic activities and military events, he added.

"I hope that with the addition of these educational facilities, the Magelang Military Academy will produce tougher and more professional soldiers that dedicate their best abilities to safeguarding the nation's sovereignty," Jokowi emphasized.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, who was also present at the occasion, stated that the construction of Graha Utama Akmil was part of the efforts to realize the grand vision of building and developing educational facilities in military educational institutions.

He expressed hope that the building would be instrumental in shaping the character, mental outlook, and intellectual abilities of future TNI leaders.

According to Subianto, the building can serve as a venue to conduct honorary military events, important ceremonies for welcoming foreign guests, and inaugurations and commemorations of historical events.

"We hope this building would improve the quality of education for cadets as the nation's future successors and can increase the competitiveness of our young soldiers at the international level," he stated.

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